SNAMP Gateways

Gateway is a software component used to expose monitoring and management functionality to Monitoring & Management Tools used in your enterprise (such as Nagios, Zabbix, e-mail or even Jabber). Gateway exposes all information provided by connected managed resources (via Resource Connectors) to the external tools using specified protocol or technology.

Feature list of Gateway contains following items:

If Resource Connector doesn't support one of management feature then this feature will not be exposed by Gateway.

Detailed description for each Gateway supported by SNAMP:

Display name Type Publication Protocols Data Exchange Format Attributes Notifications Operations
SNMP Gateway snmp SNMPv2, SNMPv3 BER/ASN.1 Yes Yes No
JMX Gateway jmx JMX Java Binary Serialization Yes Yes Yes
SSH Gateway ssh SSH Character Stream Yes Yes No
HTTP Gateway http HTTP, WebSocket JSON Yes Yes No
XMPP Gateway xmpp XMPP (Jabber) XML Yes Yes No
Syslog Gateway syslog RFC-3164, RFC-5424 Binary Yes Yes No
Nagios Gateway nagios HTTP Nagios Plugin Format Yes Yes No
NSCA Gateway nsca TCP Binary (Nagios NSCA format) Yes Yes No
NRDP Gateway nrdp HTTP XML (Nagios NRDP format) Yes Yes No
Groovy Gateway groovy Any Any Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Gateway smtp SMTP, SMTPS Plain text, JSON No Yes No
InfluxDB Gateway influx Store records into InfluxDB Not applicable Yes Yes No

Predefined configuration parameters

The following table describes optional configuration parameters that are applicable to all gateways:

Parameter Applied to Meaning
threadPool Gateway Name of thread pool used by gateway. If not specified then default thread pool is shared between all components.