SNAMP Management Interface

SNAMP provides JMX and REST management interfaces which allows to configure resource gateways, resource connectors, monitoring counters, staring/stopping SNAMP components etc.

Managing over JMX

SNAMP JMX interface provides the following information and operations related to running instance:

This information can be used to control state of SNAMP instance. For programmatic configuration of internal SNAMP entities such as Resource Connectors and Gateways the administrator should use REST API.

JMX Settings

JMX management settings are located in <snamp>/etc/

Default settings are:

For localhost connection you may use following JMX service URL:

service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/karaf-root managed bean (MBean) provides SNAMP related management functions

SNAMP MBeans supplies the following useful attributes which can be used in health monitoring:

Other attributes and operations can be discovered using JConsole or VisualVM tools. supplies information about cluster node:

Managing using REST API